Is a fun learning tool to support early learners to acquire literacy, numeracy and gross motor skills, engaging children through song and stories, movement and age appropriate problem solving concepts....

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A Fun Entertaining & Educational Live Performance where children move & learn to original songs, dances & stories. Interact with loveable & funny characters who present a variety of exciting....

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The same part of the brain that processes movement is the part that also processes learning.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our website.

Here we hope to build a useful resource for Teachers, Students and Parents alike, that become a hub of meaningful and relevant information as well as being a fun place to visit.

We will be providing ongoing updates and links, to articles and information that we at Funky Fitness believe would be of guidance or assistance to Teachers including discounted rates on our "Monkey Mat Learning Through Program", informative and interesting articles from a range of sources for Parents, and a fun activity section for the children to explore. We also have an exclusive range of products available to download or purchase.

Should you have any queries about anything you see on these pages, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. and please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion in our News section. :)

Hello and Welcome

Inspiring young learners

At Funky fitness our 21st Century philosophy is simple, we aspire to

 " Set children up to achieve! "

Our "Learning through movement" programs link  physical movement with cognition development.

Our programs teach with the "Brain in mind" in fun & educational platforms  inspiring young learners & preparing them for healthful futures. 

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•  Feeling safe, secure and supported.
•  Building a sense of stability and trust with your teacher.
•  Building a sense of belonging in the LTM program.
•  Developing confidence in your own learning capabilities.
•  Participating positively as part of a group.
•  Responding to others appropriately.
•  Developing an understanding of maintaining emotional wellbeing through physical activity.
•  Building knowledge, skills and positive attitudes towards physical movement.
• Introduce and advance crossing the midline

•  Engage in creative ways of expressing themselves through music, dance and drama.
•  Representing ideas feelings and emotions in creative ways
•  Developing flexibility, strength and co-ordination.
•  Developing skills for working with others.
•  Interacting with others with care and respect.
•  Becoming confident in their ability to control their body movements.
•  Engaging in experiences which promote humour, happiness and satisfaction.
•  Improve fundamental movement skills and balance.
•  Improve self-esteem and over-all confidence.

Make your classroom a happier & healthier place to teach & learn!

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