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From a Teachers Perspective

Subscribe to our channel« Prev1 / 2Next »NewIntroPreparationInstructorsInclusivenessFundingExpectations« Prev1 / 2Next » We strive to ensure that the Funky Fitness experience is an enjoyable time for everyone, and that includes you Teachers. Listen to some of the things that these teachers have to say about our program, and how easily it can be integrated into […]

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For Teachers.

Learning Through MovementThe Monkey Mat Learning Through Movement Subscription Program by Funky Fitness is designed as a learning tool to support Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Pre-Primary students to acquire literacy and numeracy skills. Targeted activities combined with movement and music forms the basis of a holistic approach that motivates students to learn. The Australian Curriculum, SCASA documents, […]

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School Incursions

What’s in Store for you? Each incursion session has been designed to allow fundamental movement skill development with clear objectives for students. The Instructors introduce and demonstrate correctly, Fundamental Movement Skills, Crossing the Midline, Balance and directional language in mirror image encouraging a love of movement through dance, play and drama themes. Each session is […]

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The Monkey Mat and Learning Through Movement Program Is a fun learning tool designed to support early learners to acquire literacy and numeracy skills. Children will want to move to songs, dances, stories and age appropriate problem solving concepts in bright colourful animation.Our online learning through movement program can be downloaded onto your smart board, […]

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MOVEMENT IS THE KEY TO LEARNINGThe same part of the brain that processes movement is the part that also processes learning. Hello and WelcomeHello and welcome to our website. Here we hope to build a useful resource for Teachers, Students and Parents alike, that become a hub of meaningful and relevant information as well as being […]

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