The Monkey Mat and Learning Through Movement Program Is a fun learning tool designed to support early learners to acquire literacy and numeracy skills. Children will want to move to songs, dances, stories and age appropriate problem solving concepts in bright colourful animation.
Our online learning through movement program can be downloaded onto your smart board, smart TV, computer, tablet or phone. This program has been structured to encourage students to learn while moving, facilitating the development of motor skills and cognition. It’s been designed specifically to move at a child’s pace tutorially and written musically with a precise tempo in mind, this approach is essential when setting children up to achieve

Children will enthusiastically follow the instructions presented in mirror image by our presenter Cutie-Pie Caitlin as she introduces with simple language and rhyme the contents of the monkey mat in a fun format. Children have so much fun following as they learn, singing along to original songs. They move, cross the mid-line, balance, learn right and left concepts and get fit to dances where sequencing and patterning assist to develop memory.

This online learning through movement program concludes with a cool down and stretching segment, represented by way of story time. Our loveable characters ‘Drama Queen’ and ‘Poser Posey present playful themes that students can follow along with or sit and watch in ‘Quiet Time’.

 These stories are delivered in a fun and amusing way with factual material, theatrical humour, comical actions and language winning the attention of children.  The same part of the brain that is connected to learning is the same part of the brain connected with movement.


Conjointly the Monkey Mat and online Learning through Movement program provides hours of entertaining educational activities. Children are excited to have their own Monkey Mat as their learning tool. They listen intently and watch animated questions pertaining to numeracy and literacy. Corresponding with relevant subject matter,  children move about the Mat answering questions, problem solving and having FUN!


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For Teachers


 • A multi-purpose learning and fitness teacher resource.
 • Designed to be used any time of the day in class.
 • Individually devised to cater for learner diversity.
 • In-service demonstrations for teachers available.

For Children


• Build a sense of belonging in the Monkey Mat Program.
• Improve cognition through fun movement concepts.
• Engage in creative ways of expressing themselves.
• Develop flexibility, strength and co-ordination.

For Parents


 • Bright, colourful and engaging for children.
 • Increased use of vocabulary.
 • Children act on simple instructions and statements
 • Promotes humour, happiness and satisfaction.

Academic Benefits

• Devised for each individual student to cater for learner diversity.
• A purposeful platform for students to engage in explicit learning.
• Mathematics concepts covering shape, colour, number recognition,
    counting, making comparisons, geometry, patterns and sequencing.
• Language opportunities –
      - Students act on simple instructions and statements,
        developing auditory discrimination abilities
     - Increased use of vocabulary.
     - Use of simple, non-verbal ways of communicating
       through gestures and signs.
     - Discriminating rhyming words in songs.
     - Understanding that numbers are different from letters.
• Engaging in dramatic fantasy and role play.

Physical Benefits

• Build a sense of belonging in the Funky Mat Program.
• Become strong physically and increase cardio-vascular
• Engage in creative ways of expressing themselves
through music, dance and drama.
• Develop flexibility, strength and co-ordination.
• Become confident in their spatial awareness.
• Become confident in their ability to control their body
• Engage in experiences which promote humour,
   happiness and satisfaction.
• Develop confidence in their own learning capabilities

• Participate positively as part of a group.
• Develop knowledge, skills and a positive attitude
to physical movement.
• Moving the body-in different ways and directions-
moving different body parts.
• Directional language-right and left, backwards and
forwards, on the spot and turning around high and
low, up and down, off and on Balance and control
• Hopping, jumping, kicking, bending and springing.
• Crossing the mid-line, Co-ordination and strength
• Sensory motor movement
• Stretching, extension and flexibility.

Enhances Learning
Improves Memory
Builds Confidence
Heaps of FUN!


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This Fun Equipment based Fundamental Movement skill programme is directly linked to the The Australian Curriculum, SCASA, EYLF (early years learning framework) and Kindy Guidelines.

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