For Parents

What we really want for our children.

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to be  smart and successful. We want them to achieve all of their goals in life what ever they might be.
Well for many years now it has been known that for young children at any level, Cognitive Learning is enhanced by movement. Combining physical activity with cognitive learning is what our Monkey Mat Learning Through Movement Subscription Program is all about.

Based on the principle that moving your body maximizes your brain power. Simple physical movements can bring about rapid and automatic improvements in such skills as memory, reading, concentration, and communication. There are noticeable gains in creativity, energy levels, and performance, making children more confident, happy and resilient adults, and isn't that what we really want for them?

Combining physical activity with cognitive learning is what our Learning Through Movement Program is all about.


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Why Learning Through Movement Works.

Children love to listen and move to music they feel it both physically and emotionally. Both dancing and music stimulate the mind of a child they explore thoughts, feelings, Fantasies and learn to do new things with their bodies. Music motivates children to associate words with actions helping to develop memory. Learning through movement can communicate messages and represent actions.

Children think with their bodies before they think with words, and some may have difficulty communicating with words, so when questions call for movement children aren’t limited by their verbal abilities.

•   Forge a bond between parent and child
•   Create lasting memories
•   Improve social skills
•   Express emotions
•   Refine listening skills
•   Learn new words and concepts
•   Improves balance and co-ordination

•   Create body awareness
•   Explore imagination
•   Music and movement appreciation
•   Cultivate fine motor skills
•   Increase heart rate
•   Improve brain function

The Monkey Mat and Learning Trough Movement Subscription Program is a fun playful learning resource which assists to help advance language, memory, optimal brain development and a healthy acceptance of self-expression. Music and movement help to set a mood, stimulate serotonin in the brain helping to create happiness, well-being and restful sleep.

Early movement experiences are critical to optimal brain development. Physical movement enhances our lives at all ages and a positive attitude about regular physical activity sets the foundation for a lifetime of good health. Moderate and vigorous exercise activity provide the brain with its chief energy source, glucose movement increases oxygen and blood flow, which feeds the brain and enhances neuronal connectivity.