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Learning Through Movement

The Monkey Mat Learning Through Movement Subscription Program by Funky Fitness is designed as a learning tool to support Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Pre-Primary students to acquire literacy and numeracy skills. Targeted activities combined with movement and music forms the basis of a holistic approach that motivates students to learn. The Australian Curriculum, SCASA documents, Early Years Learning Framework and the Kindergarten Guidelines are marched with movement and music that provides a highly engaging and interesting learning environment for students of all abilities.

Members will be able to Download Literacy & Numeracy Activity Sheets, created by educators, once again saving you time making available more "Time Credits"


The Funky Fitness Literacy and Numeracy Activity Sheets, start from the simplest concepts to complex problem solving tasks. Specifically designed for the Monkey Mat they can be utilised with or without the subscription program, effectively extending the educational teaching time. Students engage in problem solving questions on the mat and stand up when complete. Question time in the classroom becomes active time as students bob up and down increasing the oxygen and blood flow to the brain that is essential for optimal learning. The aim is to assist teachers with gaining ‘Time credits.’
Best of all the Monkey Mat allows students to move and learn independently as the mat is designed as an individual learning tool, saving teachers’ time, leaving the teacher free to move amongst the students to provide instant feedback, or correcting, supporting and assessing their individual progress.

We know exercise is good for kids’ bodies. Did you know that exercise is crucial for their developing brains? Research clearly demonstrates that movement and music support and assist children to learn more effectively. Moderate exercise like walking can make students sharper, healthier and happier. Joel Brenner, MD chair of the American Academy of Paediatrics Council on Sports Medicine & Fitness states in his research, “that exercise has tremendous mental benefits.” Numerous studies show exercise/movement combined with the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills enhances student learning. Students get better grades, have better concentration and have the additional benefit of sleeping better. So get your students learning through being Funky and Fit!

Live Performace

Our interactive live show has been written by experienced educators and specifically targeted towards Kindergarten to Year One Students. In line and directly linked to the The Australian Curriculum, SCASA, EYLF (early years learning framework) and Kindy Guidelines, our fun interactive ....

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Our incursion sessions have been designed to allow fundamental movement skill development with clear objectives for students. The Instructors introduce and demonstrate correctly, Fundamental Movement Skills, Crossing the Midline, Balance and directional language....

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Sounds too good to be true right?... Well just listen to what these teachers have to say.



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