Hello and welcome, I am Natalie Chalwell, Founder and Creator of the “Funky Fitness  Learning through Movement Program” I am proof that Exercise and Cognition are fundamental to learning.
As a child I struggled to sit still in class, with so much information being poured at me I felt overwhelmed and my Self Esteem suffered. I spent equal amounts of time in attendance at Dancing School as I did attending Primary School. At dancing I excelled, it was here I gained a sense of belonging, expression and achievement. I learnt to retain information and complete tasks no matter how difficult.
The method of learning dance steps is taught by mirror image, simple language and counting bars of music. Dance steps corresponded to numbers creating a sequence of multiple actions forming patterning which in turn develop and improve memory. This process lead me to understand the consequential link between Movement and Learning.


My commitment, in fact my passion, is that no child should leave the classroom feeling the way that I did, because today we have the skill, sensibility and understanding to ensure that today's children are equipped with the self confidence and other tools to carry into their adult lives.


Thanks again for being committed



As Educators you would know that children are all individuals and consequently learn in many different ways. My experience and personal research over many years, has led me to believe without a doubt, there is an overwhelming connection between Learning and Movement.
Exercise creates the optimal environment for neural plasticity, the ability of the brain to change. Exercise puts the brain and body into balance naturally by regulating brain chemicals that control mood and

responses to stress. Research on the brain reveals how exercise can aid in learning and cognition .
I’ve taught children most of my adult life, lessons given and lessons learnt. I’ve gained a wealth of information and understanding about children, their behaviours, responses to learning experiences and the pace of their learning capacities. Get them listening and you have their attention! Humour is the common dominator that bridges trust between child and Educator.