Live Performances

Respond to live show and interact with characters. Develop listening skills

Our interactive live show has been written by experienced educators and specifically targeted towards Kindergarten to Year One Students. In line and directly linked to the The Australian Curriculum, SCASA, EYLF (early years learning framework) and Kindy Guidelines, our fun interactive performances are designed to assist teachers to create and deliver high quality learning experiences to children.

Join Cutie Pie Caitlin and Funky Monkey,  Swishy Fishy and Evie Exerciser as they get fit, make healthy eating choices and show respect for each other’s feelings. Don’t expect your children to sit and watch. This show is about doing! Expect them to participate, as these characters demonstrate in a fun and playful forum the importance of exercise, through dance, movement, original music and songs which provide the opportunity to get funky and fit!

Use our live show as a launch pad into a variety of exciting and meaningful learning experiences for your students.

• Retelling drama
• Character profiles
• Vocabulary extension
• Healthy choices
• Sequence patterning dance steps

• Fundamental Movement Skills
• Creative movement
• Cardio vascular fitness
• Brain training
• Creative and dramatic play

• Develop resilience skills
• Build knowledge and confidence
• Encourage involvement
• Respond to diversity
• Crossing the Mid-line and Balance

• Become aware of fairness
• Bullying and empathy issues
• Respond to live show and interact with characters
• Develop listening skills
• Take increasing responsibility for health and well being

Right brain = Feelings, gross motor, non-verbal, singing and creativity.
Left brain    = Logic, fine motor, sequence, rhythm and speech.


 Presenting ‘MOORDEE-UP' 2016

‘Moordee-up’ is from the Noongar language meaning 'Move It' 'Quick' 'Faster' we would like to acknowledge and thank Honey Webb for sharing her language with us. Children will learn the importance of exercise and how it benefits our brains. The Moordee-up show will have children moving it's high energy interactive fun!!

Cross Curricular Areas

Children acquire an awareness and an improved understanding of
•  Health
•  Mathematics
•  English

Bookings & Pricing

Book early and prepare to have fun as these characters educate and entertain your class!

Duration: 45 minutes.
Pricing: P.O.A (Dependent on Class Size)

Your brain accounts for 25% of oxygen consumption in your whole body.