Online and Safe.



What is eebudee?

 is safe social media.

It gives parents the tools to educate their kids about something that will become a big part of their lives.
Think of it as training wheels for the online world.
Our creators and founders are parents, just like you, who care about making the Internet a safer place for kids.
So much of life is about connecting with people online. And while we teach our kids to ride bikes and be polite, many of us don’t know how to help them handle cyber bullying and other tricky situations that can happen online.


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When a child is using a computer, normal safeguards and security practices may not be sufficient. Children present challenges because of their natural curiosity, innocence and desire for independence. Make sure that you discuss with your children about the dangers of the internet so that they recognise suspicious behaviour or activity. Consider ways you can improve your supervision and support while still giving a rich and safe online experience to your child.

Here is a link to some surprising and informative information about some of the most common games and activities children play on line and their safety issues. Click Here

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