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Celebrate your child’s birthday party with Funky Fitness...It's the most fun for everyone!


Funky Fitness parties are equipment based, we know that children love to be busy with all types of gadgets, and we have a variety of bright and colourful equipment. The Combination of our diverse equipment with movement and music makes for a successful formula in children’s parties!

Celebrate your child’s party with a full hour of non-stop interactive entertainment!
Funky Fitness can plan a party around your guests, whether boys & girls are the same or mixed genders, the same age or combined ages, Funky Fitness will style your party making it the ultimate fun for everyone for boys and girls from the ages of 2 years to 10 years.
Funky Fitness parties are specialised, well organised and controlled. Children will be engaged the moment the music starts playing, and the first activity begins. Parents watching from the sidelines will be delighted to see their children occupied and captivated by the variety of games, dances, playful activities and equipment.
Children will be enthralled by the way balls bounce on a giant parachute like popcorn, blast off to the moon in their hula hoop rockets and swing a ribbon ball so high in the sky it fly’s! No-one waits for a turn at Funky Fitness parties, everyone is moving and active for a fun filled hour of gags and laughs.




With so much equipment, with so much to do, we keep them busy, happy and its fun for you too!

Funky  Party Package

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Funky Party

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