School Incursions

What's in Store for you?
Each incursion session has been designed to allow fundamental movement skill development with clear objectives for students. The Instructors introduce and demonstrate correctly, Fundamental Movement Skills, Crossing the Midline, Balance and directional language in mirror image encouraging a love of movement through dance, play and drama themes. Each session is directly linked to Early Learning and Foundation outcomes.

Who Can Join the Fun? -  Pre-Kindy to Year 3 students.
Our Learning Through Movement equipment incursions are suitable for students from Pre-Kindy to Year 3. Our programmes are modified to meet the early year fundamentals then progress to more complex, challenging and age appropriate learning outcomes for older age groups. Learning new dances and co-ordinating equipment with movement to popular music children love and relate to will encourage an appreciation for exercise, increase serotonin levels in the brain helping to reduce stress, improve learning and assist with restful sleep.

Engages Interest.
Our funky equipment facilitates the program objectives. Our resources are bright, colourful and varied. The variety of equipment engages the children’s interest, enhancing the experience and enabling children to extend and challenge their abilities.


Our Instructors are dynamic and motivating they have a wonderful way of being able to connect with children through fun and humour. Humour is one thing that appeals to children the most, their response is immediate, instantly inspiring them to listen and be excited about learning. The Funky Fitness programme is entertaining and diverse, every class there is different equipment, dances and skills taught, engaging children with something new, fun and interesting to learn.

Teachers Gain Time Credits
Students follow our instructors in curriculum based activities offering teachers the occasion to observe & record the development & progress of their students on assessment checklist forms which Funky Fitness provides.  Our ‘Learning Through Movement’ programme changes every week as does our bright and colourful equipment presenting an ideal opportunity for teachers to take photos of their students in action and having fun for their portfolios.

Happy and Enthusiastic Children.
These inclusive sessions help teachers, parents and carers to achieve optimal health and physical education outcomes, and have been consistently met with approval by Teachers, Principals and Senior Educators alike. Children look forward to our arrival with excitement and anticipation, and their enjoyment for our unique, fun and interactive approach to exercise concepts results in happy, enthusiastic children. The Concepts that we raise are also topic for classroom discussions long after we leave. Creating a lasting impression with all students, and invaluable "Time Credits" for teachers.

Learning & movement are connected.