Time Credits

Time Poor?

It has been my good fortune to meet, and work alongside numerous talented and nurturing teachers all of whom say they are ‘Time Poor’! 



Opportunities for Teachers

• Monkey Mat developed in conjunction with classroom Smart Board or can be used separately
•  Assess students while they are performing/executing activities
•  Activities especially designed to use with the mat are provided
•  An opportunity to encourage the use of mathematical language
•  Encourages literacy and language learning opportunities
•  A platform for students and teachers to engage in explicit teaching
•  Practical and easily packed away.
•  A multi-purpose learning and fitness teacher resource
•  Designed to be used anytime of the day in class
•  Bright, colourful and engaging for students
•  In-service demonstrations for teachers

Innovative Learning

At Funky Fitness, our innovative way of learning delivers stimulating experiences which are beneficial to Early Childhood students. The Monkey Mat is intended to be used individually by students as they follow the Instructor on the interactive whiteboard exercise video.

Don’t Fight the Fidgets

Turn the Fidgets into structured Movement for optimal learning practises.
The Monkey Mat is innovative in that it can be used together with visual stimuli of Song, Dance, Story and problem solving animation or separate utilising fun, educational resources available to you. Monkey Mat time can be your opportunity as a Teacher to observe and assess your students in a controlled classroom setting.


Hello and welcome, I am Natalie Chalwell, Founder and Creator of the “Funky Fitness  Learning through Movement Program” I am proof that Exercise and Cognition are fundamental to learning.
As a child I struggled to sit still in class, with so much information being poured at me I felt overwhelmed and my Self Esteem suffered. I spent equal amounts of time in attendance at Dancing School as I did attending Primary School. At dancing I excelled, it was here I gained a sense of belonging, expression and achievement. I learnt to retain information and complete tasks no matter how difficult.
The method of learning dance steps is taught by mirror image, simple language and counting bars of music. Dance steps corresponded to numbers creating a sequence of multiple actions forming patterning which in turn develop and improve memory. This process lead me to understand the consequential link between Movement and Learning.


My commitment, in fact my passion, is that no child should leave the classroom feeling the way that I did, because today we have the skill, sensibility and understanding to ensure that today's children are equipped with the self confidence and other tools to carry into their adult lives.


Thanks again for being committed



As Educators you would know that children are all individuals and consequently learn in many different ways. My experience and personal research over many years, has led me to believe without a doubt, there is an overwhelming connection between Learning and Movement.
Exercise creates the optimal environment for neural plasticity, the ability of the brain to change. Exercise puts the brain and body into balance naturally by regulating brain chemicals that control mood and

responses to stress. Research on the brain reveals how exercise can aid in learning and cognition .
I’ve taught children most of my adult life, lessons given and lessons learnt. I’ve gained a wealth of information and understanding about children, their behaviours, responses to learning experiences and the pace of their learning capacities. Get them listening and you have their attention! Humour is the common dominator that bridges trust between child and Educator.

Celebrate your child’s birthday party with Funky Fitness...It's the most fun for everyone!


Funky Fitness parties are equipment based, we know that children love to be busy with all types of gadgets, and we have a variety of bright and colourful equipment. The Combination of our diverse equipment with movement and music makes for a successful formula in children’s parties!

Celebrate your child’s party with a full hour of non-stop interactive entertainment!
Funky Fitness can plan a party around your guests, whether boys & girls are the same or mixed genders, the same age or combined ages, Funky Fitness will style your party making it the ultimate fun for everyone for boys and girls from the ages of 2 years to 10 years.
Funky Fitness parties are specialised, well organised and controlled. Children will be engaged the moment the music starts playing, and the first activity begins. Parents watching from the sidelines will be delighted to see their children occupied and captivated by the variety of games, dances, playful activities and equipment.
Children will be enthralled by the way balls bounce on a giant parachute like popcorn, blast off to the moon in their hula hoop rockets and swing a ribbon ball so high in the sky it fly’s! No-one waits for a turn at Funky Fitness parties, everyone is moving and active for a fun filled hour of gags and laughs.




With so much equipment, with so much to do, we keep them busy, happy and its fun for you too!

Funky  Party Package

For further information about our Funky Party Package, or any thing else you may have seen on our website , please Contact Us.

Funky Party



What is eebudee?

 is safe social media.

It gives parents the tools to educate their kids about something that will become a big part of their lives.
Think of it as training wheels for the online world.
Our creators and founders are parents, just like you, who care about making the Internet a safer place for kids.
So much of life is about connecting with people online. And while we teach our kids to ride bikes and be polite, many of us don’t know how to help them handle cyber bullying and other tricky situations that can happen online.


Visit their Facebook page to Find Out More



When a child is using a computer, normal safeguards and security practices may not be sufficient. Children present challenges because of their natural curiosity, innocence and desire for independence. Make sure that you discuss with your children about the dangers of the internet so that they recognise suspicious behaviour or activity. Consider ways you can improve your supervision and support while still giving a rich and safe online experience to your child.

Here is a link to some surprising and informative information about some of the most common games and activities children play on line and their safety issues. Click Here

Funky Fitness program… It Rocks!

Funky Fitness has to be one of the most motivating and inspiring programs I have come across. The Instructor’s talent, dedication, enthusiasm and contagious sense of humour just adds to the whole package that is Funky Fitness. The staff and students of our education support centre were totally engaged, excited and enamoured with the Funky Fitness program. It Rocks!




Funky Fitness program… It Rocks!

The kids were excited which is what the Funky Fitness program is all about. We wanted the kids to be engaged and the Funky Fitness program was engaging. We love the fact that the kids were eager each and every week, we’d say “It’s funky fitness time” they were so excited! That’s what we wanted our students to be excited about learning.

Kindergarten Teachers Michelle Waters & Jasmine Page - ROSTRATA PRIMARY SCHOOL



Funky Fitness program… It Rocks!

Funky Fitness is perfectly tailored for training children’s LISTENING SKILLS the program’s teachers have the children engaged and listening at “Hello”. Their attention to the Funky Fitness teacher’s continues throughout the program. Funky Fitness is fun and the children love the jokes, gags, equipment and the variety of activities which all help to improve their listening. It’s extremely entertaining.

Kindergarten & Pre-Primary  Liz Beament

Kindergarten  Deb Scanlon - KARRINYUP PRIMARY SCHOOL



A valuable addition to our learning program.

The Funky Fitness program ticked off a lot of things that we don’t have time to teach in our classes. The quick half hour sessions cover all of the gross motor skills. Funky Fitness is a fun way for the children to get their music and movement making it a valuable addition to our learning program.

Kindergarten Teacher Joanne Palmer & Cate Smith  - KENSINGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL



Funky Fitness program… We Love It!

It’s amazing how the children that have co-ordination difficulties can still function in the group and look like they are coping with the task. Parents also have been very impressed with the classes. Commenting on the skill development as well as the children’s enthusiasm for these classes. We Love It!..


Kindergarten & Pre-Primary Teacher Natalie Campbell - NORTH COTTESLOE PRIMARY



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